Build your profession at CreBox




CreBox provides an open invitation to all those who want to have their bit of the professional world. Individuals having skill set in software and hardware domains are more than welcome to attend our recruitment process.

  • Career in Software Development

CreBox deals with software in all walks of life and these include web based applications, desktop applications and android versions. Deadlines are inevitable in this field and we are looking for individuals who can understand and overcome these barriers in an efficient manner along with the required technical knowledge. Professionals having knowledge in development tools like Java, Android, angular JS, html 5, CSS, bootstrap etc are hired based on their qualification and experience.

  • Career in Hardware Development

Hardware is the very core of CreBox and this wing deals with different types of projects on a daily basis. The company commits to multiple projects of both national and international clients. There will always be a challenge to overcome and we are looking for such people who can face those challenges and strive forward for the betterment of the company. Individuals having the taste and experience in embedded programming, knowledge in python and MATLAB with a progress oriented mind set can definitely find their place in the CreBox hardware team.

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