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The projects department is another promising section of CreBox. Students, professionals and individuals with a potential idea and possessing the passion and dedication to make it a reality can easily approach our project team. The team which comprises of some of the best minds in their fields of expertise will assist such individuals to make their ideas into a reality. 

The CreBox project team will be providing interested individuals with all the information related to their idea and will make them aware about the feasibility of its implementation through strict and thorough analysis. This makes it easy for them to understand the extent to which their idea can be implemented. 

The projects department is open to both software and hardware projects. The software development includes the making of the proposed version by using the various software development technologies like Java, .net, C sharp, Angular JS etc. These also include web development technologies like HTML 5, CSS, bootstrap etc.

The hardware side revolves around projects primarily in the electronics department. Chip designing, embedded programming is also part of this. The usage of various technologies like Python, MATLAB, C makes it complete. Projects which do not come under these criteria are also carried out in the department.
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#Project Training
We believe that training should be provided in such a manner that it should be able to provide an insight for the purpose. Individuals are given the proper training to understand the basics of the technology which is used in the construction process of their respective project in such a way that they have an exact understanding of the project and all the other factors involved in its design and working process.